A Word from the Chairman

"After graduating from University in the United States, I decided to relocate to Nigeria in 1992. Upon arrival in Aba, Abia State I observed a trend of unemployment and poverty levels that was unacceptable by international standards. There was a downward spiral of events which I felt was not being attended to; for example the education system was neglected, family values were declining, advanced fee fraud (419) was increasing and fraudsters were being hailed as heroes by their kinsmen, roads were dilapidated, banks were on the verge of collapse and couldn’t support entrepreneurs with loans, corruption was instituted, high unemployment and general helplessness for the youth. There was a drought in youth education, business startups, as well as a lack of motivation, lack of creativity, negative mindset, lack of patriotism, ethnic and religious disharmony, corruption, unemployment and etc. It all led to crime, and crime or offences are what are killing our society. Unfortunately, when we say crime most people perceive crime as armed robbers or thieves. However we intend to highlight the most common crimes or offences that lead to failure of a state, such as corruption, traffic offences, drug or alcohol abuse, indiscipline, prostitution, extortion, terrorism, and etc.

Nigeria is still facing the same challenges and issues of the past because the mentality of many Nigerians remained the same. The neglect of the past is the reason for our current situation, thereby there is a need for a revolutionary change in the present to avoid future failures.

The failure to recognize that we need a long term strategic approach to nation building spurred the formation of the New Deal Organization and its various projects such as Parents Against Crime Together (PACT) and Youths Against Crime Together (Y-ACT). We have decided to take a bottom up approach, by rededicating ourselves to rebuilding the severely eroded family values, and recommitment to our dear nation. "

Every Nigerian is invited to recommit to rebuilding good family values. Each nation is made up of individuals and each individual belongs to some family structure, either a traditional family with mother, father, children and extended family members or non-traditional family. Each parent is reminded to practice their responsibilities such as follows:

• Protect our children, Educate our children, Discipline our children, Plan our children’s future, Love and care for our children, Teach them good moral values, Pass our own strengths to our children, Give them strength where we have weakness, Assist them in exploring and learning new things, Teach them honesty, honour, integrity, patriotism and etc.

If we collectively do these we would have succeeded to a large extent in extricating our youngsters from the deadly claws of crime and rebuilding our country from the bottom up.

It is not enough to sit down in our homes, offices, recreational, social and other settings and criticize our leaders, when ultimately our leaders are products of our society. If a leader is corrupt or incompetent, it is a reflection of society itself. The children that we raise today are the leaders of tomorrow! So let’s sow good seeds in our children today so that we can have good leaders tomorrow. We want to reorient our youths and parents to be disciplined and inculcate good family values and virtues to create hope and promise for our future generations, the youths! Please join us to build a greater tomorrow and not just talk about it but do it, for ’Faith without work is dead’!"

Daniel Kanu

National Chairman



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