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Kanu’s ‘New Deal’ Movement Reaches GSS Apo

10. 23. 2014

The New Deal Organization has continued with its reorientation moves in Nigerian schools. In its latest move, the organization was at Government Secondary School Apo in the heart of Abuja,Nigeria’s federal capital city.

Group sensitises 2,000 pupils on patriotism

10. 16. 2014

Over 2,000 pupils government senior secondary schools within the Federal Capital Territory have been sensitised on patriotism and the need to imbibe it by a non-governmental organisation, New Deal Organisation, in Abuja.

Kanu’s New Deal Begins ‘Moral Re-Orientation’ Campaigns

10. 16. 2014

Kanu’s New Deal Begins ‘Moral Re-Orientation’ Campaigns.

The Role of Students/Youths in Ensuring Security in Nigeria,By Daniel Kanu

06. 16. 2014

Speech presented to: Nigerian Universities Association of Management and Business Students by Daniel Kanu, National Chairman, New Deal Organization.

Use pragmatic approach to address insecurity

05. 30. 2014

The National Chairman, New Deal Organization a non-governmental organisation, Daniel Kanu, has advocated for a pragmatic approach towards addressing the nation's insecurity challenges which have greatly impacted on the development as the country.

Nigeria needs a new revolution to escape its current crisis – Daniel Kanu

05. 25. 2014

Youths only are the salvation point...

Daniel Kanu lectures at NUAMBS Abuja dinner today

05. 24. 2014

Daniel Kanu lectures at NUAMBS Abuja dinner today.

Daniel Kanu and Crimes Prevention among the Youths

05. 22. 2014

Parents Against Crime Together (P.A.C.T.) is a programme propelled by New Deal Organization under the New Deal Renaissance project that is designed to reform our society the bottom up approach.


NGO urges parents to inculcate good morals in children

05. 22. 2014

Parents have been urged to inculcate good morals and ethical values in their children in order to guarantee a better future for the country. Mr Daniel Kanu, Chairman, New Deal Organisation, an NGO, made the call at a news conference in Abuja on Friday.

Group lauds Jonathan on confab

05. 22. 2014

New Deal Organisation has commended President Goodluck Jonathan for his courage in constituting the ongoing National Conference, saying it is through such gathering of Nigerians with divergent views that a more secured and united future of Nigeria is...

Daniel Kanu Interview:’I Have A New Deal For Nigerians’

05. 16. 2014

Daniel Kanu Interview: 'I Have A New Deal For Nigerians’.

New group emerges to tackle youth indiscipline

04. 29. 2014. 09:00

A non-governmental organization, the New Deal Organization (NDO) has advised that values and obligations needed to be inculcated in the Nigerian youth to have a disciplined country in the future.

Interview: New Deal Organisation to tackle moral issues

21. 04. 2014

So we don’t want to be bystanders, watching things as they go wrong, sit down and complain. That’s why we are coming out again as the New Deal Organization to contribute various programmes and activities that are required to proffer tangible solutions. That brings me to the introduction of the New Deal Organization’s Parents Against Crime Together (PACT) and the Youths Against Crime Together (YACT) programmes.

We live in a nation where deception is seen as politics -Daniel Kanu, the man behind Youths Earnestly Ask for Abacha, an organisation that wanted late military junta to transmute to civilian president.

04. 15. 2014

We live in a nation where deception is seen as politics -Daniel Kanu, the man behind Youths Earnestly Ask for Abacha, an organisation that wanted late military junta to transmute to civilian president.

Daniel Kanu and His New Deal

24. 04. 2004

Late last year, Mr. Daniel Kanu (remember him?) announced to Nigerians that he was embarking on another national venture-’New Deal for Nigerians’. The aims and objectives of the New Deal according to Kanu include creation of employment for Nigerians through different programmes, complementing government efforts in agriculture, preparing the youth for future leadership, promoting good governance and entrenchment of democracy and mobilising Nigerians living abroad ... 

Daniel Kanu’s New Deal

25. 11. 2004

Daniel Kanu is a determined man with courage. Since 1997 when General Sani Abacha died, he has striven to reintegrate himself into the political scene. For a man regarded as the main promoter of Abacha military regime, tried as he may, he is yet to make an in-road. The transformation of Kanu has been very astonishing. For two years during Abacha years, he was literarily the man to court. He was more or less Abacha’s political engine room.

That was then. Today, he is in search of political relevance. No matter how hard he tried, he cuts little ice. How time changes. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) demonstrated this. In 2003, the young man emerged as the party flagbearer for 2003 election into the House of Representatives. The result was annulled for reasons of morality. He never got the party ticket.



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